Our text messaging service is used by a diverse range of businesses. Discover how two-way messaging give you a competitive edge. Why Text messaging should be one of your primary business communication channels?

These days, 90% of customers prefer to text instead of talking on the phone or emailing back-and-forth.

Similar to automated emails or website chatbots, Autoresponder text is a powerful feature to utilize in your text messaging software. AutoResponders help you to automatically reply with text messages to incoming texts when you are busy, away, in a meeting, in school, on vacation, on leave, out of office.


Connect Redtie to hundreds of other apps with Zapier

lets you connect Redtie to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Each Zap has one app…

What is ?
A digital workplace that connects you to the people and tools you work with everyday.

Here’s a promo video:

How Do I Get Started?
1. After logging in to Redtie, navigate to Setting > Integrations > Slack > Click connect
2. Sign up for a slack account and authenticate your Slack and Redtie accounts.
3. Post new incoming texts from Redtie to a Slack channel
That’s it, you’re done!
Sign up:

App for iOS & Android:

Quickly send and receive SMS texts, create lists and contacts, manage your campaigns on the fly using your mobile phone.



Visit: Reach us now at +1 484–874–5535 or email to

Originally published at on December 29, 2021.


Redtie makes it easier for businesses to share documents and files over a simple text message. Visit:

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